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As part of our ongoing commitment to maintain our reputation as a market leader in race horse communications and to take the ownership experience to a whole new level, United Syndications are extremely proud to advise that trackwork videos for ALL United Syndication horses that gallop at Caulfield on a TUESDAY AND a SATURDAY will now be emailed through to each of the respective owners in conjunction with the normal trackwork email reports that everyone currently receives for his/her horse. These trackwork videos will commence once a horse moves past its respective even time stages at Caulfield and the ability to extend this service to now include ALL trackwork videos on both a TUESDAY AND a SATURDAY from beyond this stage, I believe is unique in the industry and will NOW extend the ownership experience to unprecedented levels for ALL owners as never seen before!!

The videos are of high quality and I believe that they will provide everyone with a rare insight into what actually happens at trackwork (be it good or bad) and the ability to watch at your leisure how your horse gallops I believe will strongly add to everyone’s ownership experience. The unique service of United Syndications being absolutely committed to producing these videos on a consistent basis for ALL fast track work on TUESDAYS AND SATURDAYS for ALL of our horses is I believe a service that now elevates United Syndications to THE number one market leader in our industry regarding transparency of your horse at the track.You will see that your horse may gallop well,you may see that your horse gallops average and you will unfortunately see that your horse also gallops badly as well but you will see it all and you WILL see why Mick is such a Champion trainer as never before and see how he uses his experience to change things around from time to time (working solo, working in pairs, different tracks-poly,grass and even reverse way) to try and improve the horse in an endeavor to achieve race track success FOR YOU with your horse to the very best of his ability.

PLEASE NOTE-Increasing horse numbers under the United Syndications banner is NOT our strategic aim moving forward. What is, is to provide and maintain the best possible service to our current loyal and valued members who have been so supportive over a long period of time and who we hope to keep for the very many years ahead!

I hope everyone is excited as I am with the addition of this new tool for all owners and trust that indeed everyone can appreciate that I am as dedicated as ever in adding that little bit extra when it comes to the ownership experience maintaining our very personal touch and service to ALL of our owners. If you know anyone that is even thinking of becoming involved in a Syndicate I urge all of my valued owners to please email this information on to any prospective new client as I would now doubt that anyone could offer a more professional grass roots experience as what United Syndications now offers. After all what more grass roots an experience can anyone offer than watching constant trackwork videos of YOUR horse-something that would be considered a dream years ago. Now it becomes a reality with UNITED SYNDICATIONS!




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