Why United Syndications?


If OPEN COMMUNICATION is important to you then look no further than UNITED SYNDICATIONS for your next venture into racehorse ownership. Established in 1993 and run by Husband and Wife team PETER and LAUREN CREIGHTON (Pictured below with Mick Price and Angus Armanasco after La Bella Dame WON this GROUP 2 feature in 2003) we are a couple who pride ourselves on the high level of communication and transparency that we give to our owners. What other syndication Company PERSONALLY rings all owners before each and every race? We suspect none and it is this level of service that has allowed our boutique syndication company to slowly increase its numbers thanks in the main to its current group of loyal and happy owners who continue to re-invest in multiple horses.

Regular track work email updates are now the norm, sent to all owners by the manager PETER CREIGHTON who again PERSONALLY attends all fast track work gallops for each of the United Syndication horses that are in the Mick Price stable at any given period of time. We again ask the question what other Syndicate Manager dedicates himself to offering such a consistent personal service at the grass roots level? On return from the track (on fast work mornings Tuesday and Saturday) an email is sent to all owners advising how each horse worked with times, normally a comment from the jockey/Syndicate Mgr PLUS also now a VIDEO (on BOTH DAYS) to be watched at your leisure of the actual trackwork of that morning sent to the owners normally within an hour or so of the actual gallop! Most good Syndicators can provide the odd track work video however we are extending this service to include ALL track work videos (on Tuesdays AND Saturdays) from beyond the even time stage for ALL of our horses which I believe is unique in the industry and now elevates United Syndications to a whole new level and I believe now THE number one market leader as far as your ownership experience and transparency of your horse is concerned at the track!

It is also however, the ability for ALL owners to actually attend track work themselves (if that is your preferred option) and mingle with the track jockeys and staff as well as our syndicate trainer MICK PRICE that also gives our company the decisive edge in the market place today and is available for ALL owners on both Tuesdays and Saturdays. We are indeed fortunate to have the services of Mick who has embraced UNITED SYNDICATIONS philosophy of encouraging owner involvement at the track and Mick is extremely generous with the time that he spends with all our owners at the early morning track gallops and trials. He is an open communicator and is honest and forthright in his appraisal of his horses and Mick’s well recognized ability to place horses to suit gives all owners the ability to share in a return on their investment, something that I personally believe is critical to the enjoyment that you will have with your horse.

Why do we offer this service? because we believe it’s imperative that owners are kept up to date with the latest information and we have dedicated ourselves and deliberately kept our horse numbers down to that level where we can provide and maintain such a  service which we know from feedback from our members is very much appreciated and respected. General email updates are also regularly sent which contain information which encompasses all things from how our horses pull up from races to future races being planned. Our general email updates again importantly ensure that all owners are kept up to date with all the latest information and are an important communication tool both pre-race and in particularly post-race. Jockey/trainer comments (where possible) are emailed to all owners giving feedback on your horse and the feel of the excitement of the race day mounting yard and to hear the comments yourself from the jockey or trainer or both if you are unable to make it to the track I believe adds to the overall ownership experience!

We also have a strong presence on Twitter/Facebook which provides continual photo updates of our horses and snippets from the stables and trackwork and we have found this again from continual positive feedback particularly useful and to our interstate and overseas owners as WELL AS our regular TRACKWORK VIDEOS-something that would be considered a dream years ago but now becomes a reality with UNITED SYNDICATIONS!

Lauren and I invite you to join UNITED SYNDICATIONS and experience for yourself the warmth and service of a company that treats its owners as it would like to be treated-with RESPECT!


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